Who's Maximus? - Singapore Magician & Mentalist
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Who’s Maximus?

Who’s Maximus?


Hey welcome!  I’m Maximus , a magician/mentalist in Singapore specialising in Close Up / Parlor Style magic and psychological illusions. You can call it magic tricks, prestidigitation, illusions or even witchcraft whichever you want to name it.

Many people had asked me “How did you get into magic?”. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer it at first. Unlike most magicians who had started off magic as a kid when either their parents bought them a magic kit or were influenced by their own family members, i did not really got into it until much later in my life. Although i had always been fascinated by magic as a kid, i did not really had a chance to know more about the art until a couple years back when i was still like many youngsters dreaming of making it big in a rock band, two of my bandmates each showed me a trick during our jamming session’s break. I was amazed, astonished and felt myself suddenly became like a three year old kid who had just tasted cotton candy for the first time. I then became interested in the art and started following my bandmates around magic shops to learn out more magic tricks and self taught myself.

At first i thought it was probably just a phase and only wanted to learn a few tricks just for the fun of it. However, the more i learned and understand about magic, the more i got absorbed into the art. Magic has the power to bring joy and smiles to people and it is able to bring back the curiosity in us and to create a sense of wonder which all of us have lost since we stop being a kid. I started joining the local magic community and get involved in performing frequently for charity, corporate events and special occasions.

I would actually say that i did not really get into magic myself. Magic found me and I’m glad it did.