Close Up Magic @ Yellow Ribbon Project 2014 - Singapore Magician & Mentalist
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Close Up Magic @ Yellow Ribbon Project 2014

Close Up Magic @ Yellow Ribbon Project 2014

(Credits to Bernard Sim : Taken at YRP 2014 14th Sep 2014)

Two weeks ago, together with fellow magicians from the IBM Ring 115, we volunteered ourselves to perform some magic to the runners/volunteers who took part in the Yellow Ribbon Run 2014. For me, this is the 3rd year i have been participating and it has always been a wonderful event for me.

This year a few more of our newer members joined us to perform and just like the same reason when i first joined the brotherhood, it’s a great opportunity for us to perform at charity events to hone our skills and to get used to performing in front of strangers, not to say also we can get to help out for a good cause.

Most of the time when i tell people that I’m performing magic at a charity event for the weekend they will go “Oh so you will be performing on the stage?”. That’s not surprising, as most people’s perception of magicians are of them performing their illusions on the stage while the audience are sitting comfortably right at the front. This is is what is commonly known as “Stage Magic”. What we were performing, however, is another branch of magic known as “Close Up Magic” “近距离魔术” or sometimes known as “Street Magic” ala like David Blaine. Personally, i prefer to refer to it as walk-around close up magic as most of the time we are really walking around to perform to the audience and there is no set stage.

Performing close up magic poses a different set of challenges than those faced by stage performers. Most of the time, the magicians themselves will have to approach the audiences upfront to introduce themselves in order to start the performance. This, is in fact one of the biggest hurdles, including myself, that most magicians faced when they first start off doing walk-around magic. For close up magic performances, the audience usually only consists of a few people, from one to one to maximum of probably around 5 people or for the more experienced performers, slightly less than 10. As the performances takes place really up close and personal in front of them, the audience are really scrutinizing your every move which leaves not much room for the magician to make any errors. Fortunately for me that day, other than a small blunder on my part due to sweaty hands, most of the performances went relatively quite well 🙂

In the next post, i will delve into and explain more about this particular branch of Close Up Magic and what makes this art form so fascinating and sometimes even more entertaining than the traditional form of magic that we all used to see on TV.

Till next time!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

-Roald Dahl