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5 Great Reasons to hire a Magician for your event

5 Great Reasons to hire a Magician for your event


Break the ice!
Have you ever attended an event where most of the guests are strangers with one another and have to seat next to each other for the whole evening? Then there’s this awkward silence…or worse still, everyone starts phubbing

Having an event magician always helps to break the ice at a table by drawing the attention of everyone to his performance, which in turn helps to generate a common topic for them to talk about even after the magician leaves the table.

Brings people together
Not just total strangers, even family members who have not met for a long time at a wedding or fellow colleagues from a large company will also  find it difficult to start a conversation when at a party or wedding dinner. Having an event magician performing for them helps everyone to relax and gets them start talking and laugh in unison at the astonishing experience that the magician has created.

Keeping the guests entertained!
During a wedding or birthday party, the groom or host are usually overwhelmed with entertaining all the guests. Having a magician helps to make things easier for them by keeping the guests entertained and happy so that the host can oversee the rest of their  tasks to ensure the event proceeds smoothly. It also helps in adding a magical touch to a special occasion and gives the guests something extra to remember!

Entertainment suitable for both young and old
Magic can be enjoyed by both young and old! From entertaining the little ones to the grandparents, a magician will be able to provide suitable performances for a wide range of audiences from different age groups.

Helps to create a fun atmosphere for everyone
Best of all, having a magician helps to create a fun atmosphere at your event and keeps the energy going. Having groups of people bursting into fits of laughter and applause attracts attention from the rest, making them curious to join in as well. This keeps the atmosphere enjoyable for everyone. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing all your guests enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Maximus is a magician in Singapore specializing in close-up & stand up magic entertainment for corporate events, birthday parties and weddings.
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