Roving Close Up Magic for Cocktail Parties - Singapore Magician & Mentalist
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Roving Close Up Magic for Cocktail Parties

Roving Close Up Magic for Cocktail Parties

Singapore Magician & Mentalist

Very often at events such as a wedding dinner, Company’s Dinner & Dance or a conference, there will be short cocktail session for the guests to have a couple of drinks and snacks while the main ballroom is being prepared for the big event that night.

It is during this time where many of the guests idle around not knowing what to do other than chatting around with their fellow mates who came along with them. For the ones that are alone, they will be standing around twiddling with their smartphones or indulging themselves in the cocktail snacks. As the organiser, you wouldn’t want your guests to feel bored while waiting for the main event to kick off.

It would be great to provide some form of entertainment in this gap of time to keep the guests entertained and occupied. Roving Close Up magic would be one such idea for this kind of situation. Having a close up magician not only entertains the kids that could be present but also the adults as well. It helps the guests to break the ice with one another and to open up a conversation with each other. This is especially true for a corporate event such as company’s D&D or conference. In this manner, you can see the magician acts as “bridge” connecting human relationships, instead of just being an entertainer.

Nowadays, it is common that an event organiser may have also engage an instant photo booth or caricature artist as well. Such activities are always popular with the guests and it is common to see  long queues being form as everyone wants to take a group photo or have their caricature drawn. The magician will be able help the guests “shorten” the waiting time by providing them with a “mini” show while they await their turn. Not only that, the feeling of astonishment will give the guests a great feeling about the evening and gives them something memorable about the event as well. A bonus that comes along with a roving magician is that he can also double up as your promoter by helping you to “seed” in any messages that you would like to convey to the guests during the performance!

Overall, having a roving magician is a great entertainment idea to explore for cocktail events and helps to add in the magical touch to your event of the night which will definitely gives your guests something to talk about the rest of the evening.