Singapore Magician & Mind Reader for Corporate Events & Parties
Singapore Magician & Mind Reader providing magic entertainment for corporate events, parties & weddings
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Below is a list of shows that are designed to be suited for most occasions.
Contact Maximus if you have any queries regarding the show
that you would like to engage for your event.

Mind Boggling Mysteries
(Close-Up / Roving Mind Reading)

*Suitable for corporate events, parties & cocktail receptions.
Roving Mind Reader – 60mins or more (Walk-around Close up Mind-Reading)
Lounge Mind Reading / Restaurant Mind Reading – 60mins or more (Close up Mind-Reading)
Spice up your corporate or personal events
(Events, Roadshows and Cocktail parties)
with some close-up mind reading performances for your guests.
Keeps your guests entertained and at the same time leave them with a memorable experience of the event! Mind Boggling Mysteries is a combination of fast-paced close up mind reading demonstrations that sure to leave your guests dumbfounded!

Intimate Mysteries of the Human Mind
(Stand-Up or Stage Mentalism)

*Suitable for corporate events, networking events & carnivals.
Does ESP really exist? Is it possible to influence someone’s mind?
Explore the hidden power of the human mind and
astonish your audiences with a performance that leaves them with an unexplained mystery!
Corporate Events : 30mins
Telepathy Demonstration

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