Corporate Event Magician for Events - Singapore Magician & Mentalist
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Corporate Event Magician for Events

Corporate Event Magician for Events

Singapore Corporate Magician

Singapore Magician for Corporate Events

Roving Close Up Magic is a great way to engage and keep your event guests entertained during a break or networking session of a corporate event.

During the session, the magician will mix and mingle with your guests and provide them with an up-close and personal performance. It helps guests to break the ice with one another and creates a vibrant atmosphere for the event where they are seen to be enjoying themselves and having a great time.

The Corporate Magician can also customise his show based on your requirements and design tricks based on your branding to convey any message you would like to bring attention to your guests. It’s basically providing free advertising to your guests while at the same time entertaining them!

Contact Maximus the Corporate Events Magician now to see how you can add some spice to your next event!