Roving Mind Magic for Corporate Event - Singapore Magician & Mentalist
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Roving Mind Magic for Corporate Event

Roving Mind Magic for Corporate Event

singapore corporate magician

Roving Magician/Mind Reader for Corporate Events

A week ago, I had the honour of being engaged by Hong Seh Marine for their 10th Anniversary event to perform for their clients at Ola Beach Club. Although i had performed roving magic at many different venues before, this was the first time that I was engaged to performed at a beach club. It was a great experience performing for the guests there despite the humidity and sandy walking surface. I was actually sweating profusely inside and had to tread carefully when approaching groups of people on the beach because of how my leather shoes will sink into the sand with every step. Despite these downsides, i tried to keep my energy & spirits up and do hope that all the guests that i manage to perform for that night were greatly entertained!

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